About The Couple

Rachit & Sayaka at their Japanese Wedding

Rachit + Sayaka + Japan in the Spring

Sayaka grew up in Japan and is currently helps companies groom their leadership at the Human Capital Leadership Institute. Prior to this, she did her MBA at the Singapore Management University. She loves challenges and has decided that spending the rest of her life reforming a lazy husband will be her most rewarding pursuit.

Rachit grew up in India and currently helps businesses fall in love with digital marketing through his company Happy Marketer. Prior to this, he studied at the National University of Singapore with a 1 year stint at the University of Pennsylvania. He loves laziness and is determined that with the hardest working wife in the world, his life’s purpose of relaxing will be fulfilled.

They had a meet-cute story that started when they were set up by their Mandarin Teacher (xie xie lao shi!). All these years later, the mandarin is all forgotten but the romance has kept growing!

They are happily based in their adopted home of Singapore, and their jobs respectively take them to Bangalore and Tokyo every once in a while. They hope you keep visiting and keep commenting on their little observations on married life and this amalgamation of Japanese & Indian culture they live in.